Team McGinty is Here to Spread the Holiday Cheer

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The holiday season is upon us, and as the temperature outside continues to drop the Christmas spirit continues to rise for our team at McGinty Dental Group. It’s at this time of year that Dr. McGinty and her team of cheerful elves make it a point to take a step back and appreciate all that we have to be thankful for during this special time when family and friends gather together to celebrate a feeling of unity that brings us all just a little bit closer.

There’s no doubt that Christmas is the absolute favorite time of year for children who spend days marking down the Advent calendar in excitement, eagerly awaiting that magic morning when colorfully wrapped gifts appear under the tree. For many of us, our most cherished childhood memories involve tearing open presents to see whether Christmas wishes would come true.  While not every year featured a favorite toy, kitten, new bike, first car or other memorable gift, each year was uniquely special in its own way.

Unfortunately, for too many kids in our Littleton community, the holidays can be memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Approximately 15 million children – 21 percent of all kids – in the U.S. live in households below the federal poverty line, according to the National Center for Children in Poverty. Most of these children have parents who work hard, but low wages and unstable employment make it difficult to provide the basics of food, shelter and clothing. Little remains to provide presents or even a tree.

Presents for underprivileged children isn’t just about buying a kid another toy. It’s about making a child feel special, it’s about keeping a child from feeling isolated and alone when classmates come back to school with stories about what Santa brought to their home, it’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. It’s for these reasons and more that Dr. McGinty and her team of holiday elves participate in a gift drive every Christmas.

Team McGinty, Working Together to Spread Christmas Cheer

In years past, Dr. McGinty has always answered the call whenever children in needed were near. Quick as a flash the team at McGinty Dental Group would be there to help spread a little Christmas cheer. Whether working with Community Ministry or individual donation, Dr. McGinty has helped to make Christmas the foundation of a memorable year.

For 2016, Dr. McGinty personally provided the funds to buy presents for 44 kids in the Littleton community in need.

Last weekend, Team McGinty put on their game faces and hopped onboard Santa’s sleigh to the local Target. There we purchased all manner of toys that twirl for all the boys and girls. Warm coats, hats and mittens and other clothes that might smitten the imagination were also purchased with dedication to keeping old Jack Frost away.

With Christmas carols on our lips, we danced and did flips. Down the aisles we went, selecting each gift with the utmost intent. To all the boys and girls who know that Christmas is near, have no fear. The McGinty Dental Group will provide a little holiday cheer so you’ll never shed a tear.

From Dr. McGinty and the rest of our staff, we wish all of our patients a very merry Christmas, a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.