Bone Building

Dr. Popp has had Extensive Training in the Process

Bone Building

Building Bone is no easy task. Any defect that is outside the contour of the ridge is very challenging to augment back to a normal width and height. Many techniques have been formulated using donor bone from cow bone and human cadaver bone. These techniques have not been as predictable as we would like them to be from a surgeon's perspective. Using autogenous grafting, or bone from the person is much more predictable and has a lower risk of adverse biological outcomes.

We can harvest bone from the patient in several ways. One is to harvest from the third molar sites which can be combined with FDOJ/NICO or cavitational surgery. We can also harvest from the external ridge of the posterior mandible. This is often a generous spot to take bone from the patient to use in other surgical sites or defects. We also can utilize dentin grafting from extracted teeth that we can process and grind up to use as an autograft. The research on this method is extensive and is growing with promise. We are able to offer this at Colorado BioDental.

The biological bone augmentation concept (BBA Concept) involves block harvesting the patient's bone from the lateral board of the posterior mandible. When regenerative capacity is lower this may be essential to secure a successful result. All other bone substitutes are no match for autologous or the patient’s bone. This allows us to repair defects and augment the bone with the most predictable biological grafting material, again coming from…. YOU. Dr. Popp has had extensive training in the process from the Khoury Plate technique to the Frank Zastro Semilunar techniques.

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