Are Ceramic Dental Implants Best for a Strong Smile?

McGinty Dental Group, your dentist in Littleton, takes a holistic approach to your health. That’s why we offer ceramic dental implants instead of the more common titanium. 


Patients who are allergic to metal, or who prefer not to use metal in their bodies for any number of reasons, can use this biocompatible ceramic for a beautiful completion for their smiles.


If you’re missing one or more teeth, ceramic dental implants might be an excellent choice for you as a long-lasting replacement. 


What Is a Dental Implant?

First, let’s talk about dental implants. In short, a dental implant consists of a post that acts like the tooth’s root. From there, a prosthetic tooth is attached. 


The technology for dental implants has come far in the last few decades. They’re becoming a more popular choice as time goes on. Dental implants allow us to replace a missing tooth without removing healthy dental tissues like some dentists might for a “bridge.”


Most dentists offer dental implants with a metal (titanium) post. At McGinty Dental Group, we’re pleased to provide the advantages that come with ceramic dental implants.


Ceramic Vs. Titanium


Dr. McGinty offers ceramic dental implants made of sturdy zirconia.


Dental zirconia is an incredibly strong ceramic that’s resistant to wear and doesn’t crack easily. Zirconia implants are 100% nonmetal, making them appropriate for anyone who’s allergic or sensitive to metals. 


In most cases, ceramic posts and prosthetics can be placed in the same appointment. No waiting for bone regrowth in the jaw. Because of its white color, the posts blend beautifully with the tooth, giving a healthy appearance. And though zirconia retains a strength like titanium, it doesn’t rust or corrode within the body. Patients may tolerate biocompatible materials like zirconia more readily than metal.


Titanium implants, on the other hand, consist of a metal post with a crown placed on top. Titanium implants often require a lengthy healing time for osseointegration as the jawbone regrows around the post. Depending on the patient and where the tooth is located, this can take 3-6 months. They’re also implanted more deeply in the jawline.


Titanium implants can give the tooth a grey/silver tinge as the metal shows through, especially for patients with thin gums or gaps in their teeth. 


Dental Surgery from a Holistic and Biomimetic Dentist

Holistic dentistry takes body, mind, and spirit into account when you walk into our doors. We treat the whole person—not just their problems. We’ll look at the root causes of any health or oral issues to make help stave off future issues and keep you healthier overall.


As your biomimetic dentist in Littleton, Dr. McGinty works to save the tooth structure. When that’s not possible, we can replace the tooth with the closest thing: a long-lasting ceramic implant that looks and acts like a natural tooth.


Dental Implants in Littleton

Let’s discuss your options for convenient and safe dental implants in Littleton. If you’re a current client and missing one or more teeth, contact our office today. We’d love you to feel confident about your smile again.

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