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Patients can always expect to receive the best care possible that focuses on the big picture and long-term health. Dr. Popp is the first American dentist to complete the SDS Swiss Program as a Biological Specialist and Ceramic Implantologist. We are experts at pointing out potential inflammatory sources that are near your brain and contribute to your systemic health. We are also well trained in the rehabilitation process to get you restored and smiling.

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The service I received was very helpful and thorough. All of the staff members are very nice people who you would like to be around. The information that was shared with me was delivered in a kind positive manner. This is the first time in my life I have left the dentist excited to return!
Wyatt L. Avatar
Wyatt L.
5 star ratingI cannot say enough wonderful things for Dr. Popp and his staff. My mouth has been a difficult case involving several extractions due to old, failed root canals and periodontal disease that has been "controlled" recently. Dr. Popp is kind, gentle, patient, caring, and he is persistent in his care. His front desk staff and dental assistants are stellar and a perfect fit.
Pamela K. Avatar
Pamela K.
5 star ratingWe started out with Colorado Biodental by following our hygienist from our retiring dentist to Dr. Mcginty's group. She sold the business to Dr. Popp. For us as clients being retired, the changes in billing, insurance, etc. didn 't really affect us. However, be sure to check with the staff to thoroughly explain their policies. We were in the midst of major dental work with my husband getting a front implant and the transition was seamless. We are very pleased with Dr. Popp and his staff. They are thorough in their explanations of possible treatments, precise in their work and calm and reassuring throughout their dental procedures. Over the years (we are nearing 80) we have had a great deal of dental work, some good and some not. Finding a dentist one can trust is priceless. We found ours in Dr. Popp. We highly recommend him and the philosophy behind biological dentistry.
Carol M.
Very nice staff. I had my cleaning with Nina and she was gentle and thorough. I highly recommend her!
Gina D. Avatar
Gina D.
I've followed Dr. Popp to every office he goes to because there's no dentist like him. He's seen me through implant surgery that failed, and helped me heal from that, and then he helped me get a new one in. Throughout that entire time I had to spend a lot of money and it was a very emotional process. Dr. Popp not only did everything he could to save me money, but he was so present and caring with me every step of the way, which was what I ultimately needed. The team he works with shares his professionalism and empathy. I live an hour away from this office but will still drive as far as I need to see Dr. Popp and his team. I highly recommend you see them if you need any type of major dental work. They aren't just regular dentists. They understand the holistic implications of anything that is done in dentistry and anything that happens with the mouth. It's a very comprehensive service and the best in town.
Dani D. Avatar
Dani D.
When have you ever gone to the dentist and was excited? That’s me. I found Colorado Biodentist & Esthetics several years ago for a botched tooth implant I needed help repairing. My health, not just the implant repair, was addressed and I had a whole new view on how my teeth and body are all interconnected. Biodentist are revolutionizing the way we look at our health from the root of our teeth. To say I recommend Dr Popp and his team doesn’t justify my gratitude and appreciation. If you haven’t had a 3D Cone Beam Scan done, you should highly consider it. Dr Popp knows how to read these 3D scans and will be able to see on a much deeper level if you have anything going on. That’s what happened to me. What I thought was just getting a new implant turned into seeing I had 4(!!) cavitations in all my molar pockets. When I had my molars removed as a teenager then didn’t properly take them out leaving my bone unable to fill in the pocket. That pocket collected yucky toxins and slowly but surely made me sick. Little did I know cleaning them out would heal my ailments. Which leads me back to why I recommend Dr. Popp and his team. They will always have your best interest at heart. Thank you for reading this. Kindly, Jane Box
Seth B. Avatar
Seth B.
Dr. Popp and his team are incredible. Not many people know he is the first doctor to specialize in the SDS method in the United States. He’s kind of a big deal! Grateful he’s bringing that side of medicine to our lopsided medical world. The rest of the staff are gentle and kind - and beautiful!
Tess K. Avatar
Tess K.
The teamwork with Dr Popp and the staff on my initial visit was on point. Dr Miller was also incredible for my teeth cleaning. Super gentle and kind. For my teeth work that we just started I had to have an extraction and I’m highly sensitive to dental pain even with the numbing shots. Super thankful for the patience, kindness and care that Dr Popp and his staff showed. Good people in hard situations can make a world of difference.
Patrick A. Avatar
Patrick A.
5 star ratingIf I could give a 6 star review, I would. After many years seeing the same dentist, I was nervous about a change when Dr. McGinty sold her practice. I have never posted a review about any business previously, but this business deserves a gold star rating. Dr. Miller is kind, empathetic, and very skilled. I am always nervous going to the dentist, and she put me at ease immediately. She completed two difficult fillings without any pain. I highly recommend anyone needing a dentist to try this practice.
Judi K. Avatar
Judi K.
Enjoyed meeting Dr. Popp today. What a great match for this practice. He clearly exhibits the same high standards of excellence, communication, compassion and ongoing professional development as Dr. McGinty. He did an awesome job on my surgery too. Many thanks.
Peter E. Avatar
Peter E.
Dr. McGinty has been my dentist for over 25 years. She's is wonderful, kind and very knowledgable. She stays current with all the latest research in dentistry.
Wanda B. Avatar
Wanda B.
Best dentist I’ve been too. If one can say the dentist is a pleasurable experience, it can be said of Dr McGinty and staff.
Angela S. Avatar
Angela S.
I’ve been going to Dr. McGinty for several years. She is a wonderful dentist who is very compassionate and does excellent work. Her entire staff is top notch too! This is the first dental office I’ve gone to without having anxiety. You can trust this office and dentist! There are very few biological dentists out there. Your dental health is directly related to your entire body’s health. I want to know I am not poisoning my body with things like amalgam (Mercury) fillings. Dr. McGinty can safely remove those and advise you on all things safe and healthy for you! I highly recommend McGinty dental!
Jude R. Avatar
Jude R.
Dr. McGinty is kind, knowledgable and professional. She takes extra care of patient comfort. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They can do some crowns same day. I recommend McGinty Dental to everyone!
Rennetta N. Avatar
Rennetta N.
McGinty dental takes away the anxiety of your dental appointment. You are always welcomed with a smile by Jennifer and Liberty. Kimberly, hygienist, is always friendly during my cleanings. You can tell Dr. McGinty cares about her patients. Brogan the practices mascot adds to the atmosphere of the office! Keep doing what you are doing McGinty Dental!
chris b. Avatar
chris b.
5 star ratingI've always struggled with my teeth (didn't grow up with good hygiene habits and had horrible dentist experiences). As an adult, I decided to take control. I am so incredibly grateful that I found this amazing group. The staff is kind and caring and understanding each and every time I speak with or see them. Kimberly is my favorite hygienist (even though everyone is awesome and wonderful). Dr. Dickerson fixed my front teeth beautifully and I'm actually excited for my next appointment with Dr. McGinty. Isn't that crazy? I'm excited to go to the dentist. 5 years ago I avoided the dentist like the plague! That is how good McGinty Dental group is. Every visit I learn so much, easy techniques to help my teeth and gums or why certain items are helping.
Danielle E. Avatar
Danielle E.
I can’t say enough good things about Mcginty Dental. Dr. Dickerson has done so much work for me and my husband over the last year and a half, and everything she does is amazing. Excellent communication, calming, and gentle. Her cosmetic dentistry is outstanding! She turned my terrible teeth into something I can actually be proud of when I smile! They take a whole health approach to dentistry which I certainly appreciate. Their dental hygienists are really great also!
Tiana F. Avatar
Tiana F.
The best dentist ever! Friendly and caring doctors and professional support team! We take our 3 children here and they always have a good experience and trying to brush more so they can get a prize from the treasure box! Thanks Dr. McGinty, Jennifer and team!!!
TF 3. Avatar
TF 3.
5 star ratingDr McGinty and her team deserve above a 5 stars rating for their compassion and professionalism. Like some, I have always had a fear of going to the dentist, but at McGinty Dental Group I am relaxed and confident in her and her team. You can see how much they enjoy and LOVE their jobs! I have been going to Dr. McGinty for 2 years now and since then I am more confident in my smile and overall dental hygiene. Needless to say I no longer look for an excuse to not go to my appointment. Thank you McGinty Dental Group for all you do!!
Lauren V. Avatar
Lauren V.
After my childhood dentist retired I never thought anyone could top his service or staff but Dr McGinty did that and more. I love going to the dentist and it’s 100% because of Dr McGinty and her employees. I walk in the door and they greet me by name. They are always happy and so gentle. You won’t regret a trip to their practice but you will regret it if you don’t go!
Suzanne P. Avatar
Suzanne P.
Not only a more thorough exam than I've ever had, they corrected work that had been done at my previous dentist, too. Their attention to whole-body health is what brought us in. We've talked about the risks of x-ray, fluoride, sealants, and infection, and their knowledgeable staff has provided expert advise and care for our whole family. They even focus on self-healing through nutrition and supplements, which is our ideal for any health-care professional.
Morgan D. Avatar
Morgan D.
You will want to hang out with Kimberly even after your cleaning is done! Every effort is made for the patients comfort and it creates an enjoyable vibe throughout the office. Dr. McGinty is incredibly knowledgeable and kind! I have sent family members to her and they have all had positive experiences. I will continue to recommend Dr. McGinty and look forward to seeing Kimberly at my next cleaning!
Andrea W. Avatar
Andrea W.
Best dental care I have ever had. Professional, friendly and very thorough in the exam and cleaning. They took the time to explain things, were so good at the actual dental work they provided and it was overall a pleasant experience. This coming from a person who really hates going to the dentist!
Stacy M. Avatar
Stacy M.
5 star ratingDr. McGinty and her staff are top notch. They have always worked to make me feel comfortable. They do great work and are always willing to explain what his happening and why. I can't recommend her office enough
Glen M. Avatar
Glen M.
Very thorough and professional!!!
Jayne M. Avatar
Jayne M.
Very friendly staff. I see dr. Dickerson she is excellent. They care very much about your comfort. I would recommend this practice.
Dawna D. Avatar
Dawna D.
Dr. Mcginty truly helped me with her ozone injections. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't gone to see her. I had a life-threatening bone infection in my face and I think her injections helped save my life. Truly. Thank you, Dr. Mcginty. I will appreciate you always.
K T. Avatar
K T.
5 star ratingDr. McGinty's office is hands down the most comfortable, most friendly, and most professional I've ever visited. From the welcoming and genial front desk manager (Deb), to the gentle and amazingly informative hygienist (Michelle), to the affable, experienced and prudent Dr. McGinty herself, the entire staff was exactly who you would want caring for your mouth. I've never had a more pleasant cleaning and x-ray. Her chairs are set up so that the patient is positioned to look out of a floor to ceiling window, with a view of the mountains in the distance and a field full of snacking magpies up close. I was so enthralled with what was going on outside that I honestly didn't even feel like I was at a dentist. Top notch staff and atmosphere, I can't applaud this practice enough! I never in a million years would have thought a dentist visit could be pleasant. Thanks for changing my mind!
Suzanne C. Avatar
Suzanne C.
5 star ratingBEST DENTAL GROUP IN DENVER! Very caring. Office high tech and clean. I have been a patient for many years and would travel cross country to see them.
Terry R. Avatar
Terry R.
5 star ratingI was very impressed with the courtesy, knowledge, professionalism and time spent with me to answer every question and concern I had during my first visit at Dr McGinty's office. The admin staff is so helpful (thanks Deb for spending so much time with me!). Julie was so wonderful during my cleaning and checkup and explained everything so well all with care and compassion. And how great to get such informative answers from Dr McGinty all based on the most recent science and advancements in health and wellness. I am thrilled to have found my new dentist and will be spreading the word!
Stacey M. Avatar
Stacey M.