L-PRF Therapy – A Natural Way to Heal

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As your bio dentist in Denver, you can always count on our team at McGinty Dental Group to provide you with a holistic approach to managing the health of your body. Dr. McGinty strives to protect the long-term oral health for all of her patients by utilizing only the latest, most advanced dental care treatments available.

Damaged caused by oral disease to your teeth, gum tissue and jaw bone can make implant placement challenging during oral surgery. If too little of the jaw bone remains to support the placement of a dental implant, the healing process can take significantly longer than normal.

Fortunately, a solution to these and other difficult procedures is a Platelet Therapy that utilizes your own blood to help promote healing. Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (LPRF) helps to promote healing and bone growth naturally by using your body’s own white blood cells.

Unlike other types of treatments that use artificially made compounds, L-PRF Platelet Therapy utilizes your own natural growth factors found in your own blood. By combining a small sample of your blood with this exciting technological breakthrough, Dr. McGinty can help improve healing and significantly reduce recovery time.

Utilizing Your Own Power to Heal

While understanding how L-PRF treatments can help improve healing following implant placement can seem a little complex, let’s think of the healing process in a more every day context.

If you inadvertently cut yourself while shaving, for example, your body would react to the wound by creating a clot to stop the bleeding. A scab when then begin to form protecting the area while healthy new skin was generated.

Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin therapy works very similarly.

A small amount of blood is collected to create an advanced bioactive compound that enables the body to boost the healing components naturally found in your own blood to improve how quickly and efficiently the body can heal.

For those who don’t like the idea of ever having blood drawn, don’t worry. The process is practically painless and requires little time to complete.

The best part about L-PRF therapy is that it’s 100 percent all-natural and free of any kind of additives. Growth factors that occur naturally in the body are focused with the use of L-PRF.

Concentrated platelets, white blood cells, and healing cells are naturally re-introduced to the area of the body undergoing the surgical treatment. This causes your body to release powerful healing proteins that create an improved structure for overall healing.

Creating a Natural Solution

L-PRF therapy utilizes a revolutionary technology that allows our team at McGinty Dental Group to create as many L-PRF clots as needed to complete your treatment. Once your blood sample has been taken, a sophisticated centrifuge is used to create the L-PRF clots. The clots created by with L-PRF therapy are not chemically altered, nor do they contain any animal, synthetic or other human ingredients. This makes L-PRF the ideal holistic approach to 100 percent all-natural healing.

Once your L-PRF clots are created, Dr. McGinty can place them directly into the surgical sites to promote immediate healing. Think of a L-PRF clot like a surgical Band-Aid that’s created from your own blood for the purpose of allowing your body to heal more efficiently.

Because L-PRF therapy uses your own blood, with NO additives, the risk of allergies or side effects from the treatment are greatly reduced. In essence, the therapy simply reintroduces platelets naturally grown in your body to a different site where their healing abilities are greatly needed.

L-PRF Advantage

With the use of L-PRF therapy, Dr. McGinty can help improve patient healing, while offering a natural, holistic solution to many serious oral health problems. Unlike more traditional treatment methods, L-PRF offers patients a variety of advantages that allow for more natural healing to occur within the body. This successfully lowers the risk of complications by relying on the body’s own healing mechanism.

L-PRF offers advantages that include:

  • Requiring just a small blood sample. The process of drawing a patient’s blood takes very little time and is nearly painless.
  • 100 percent natural. By using your own biocompatible materials to assist in the healing process, patients can avoid having any foreign substances introduced to their bodies.
  • No additives, chemical or foreign substances. Since L-PRF therapy uses only natural material created by your own body there’s a significant decrease of any potential complications.
  • Improved healing properties. L-PRF therapy works to stimulate your body’s own natural healing factors. This helps to accelerate natural healing so your body recovers in less time overall.
  • Simple, safe and effective. L-PRF therapy is an FDA approved and industry accepted means for improving patient health.

L-PRF therapy can be used in conjuncture with bone grafts, a step that offers a variety of advantages that include:

  • Faster healing
  • Improved bone growth and maturation
  • Improved bone graft stabilization
  • Wound sealing through hemostasis

L-PRF therapy can also be used as a membrane, and has been used in the treatment of gingival recession in patients.

As your bio dentist in Denver, Dr. McGinty is proud to be able to offer patients this exciting holistic approach to healing. If you have any questions about PRF therapy, please feel free to ask any member of our team during your next visit to McGinty Dental Group.